Monday, 7 May 2012

Gifts that you dont want to give away...

Hello to you all!  What an amazing bank holiday we are having!  There has been sun - real, live sun, shining on things and making them warm.. Who'd have thought! 
Made for my niece Sian who was 23 yesterday
The sun shone on the party that we went to yesterday - to celebrate my niece's 23rd birthday.  I made bags for my niece and her older sister who had her birthday in March.  I didn't want to give them away!  In fact I may have had a fixed smile on my face and my hand might have clutched on to them rather a little too tightly as I handed them over... Might have...
made for my niece Claire who's birthday was in March
I also made the brooches that I pinned on them

I also made a bag for my son's girlfriend - who's birthday was this week.
An improvised tote made from a vintage pillowslip
I like mismatched buttons and clashing florals
It was my first foray into making bags and I'm so pleased with the way that it turned out.  I suppose that I can always make another for myself... We shall see - I may be onto the next thing by then - I'm easily distracted... Wooo Shiny Thing!  Must go! xx



  1. Very talented lady! Love the bags. x

  2. cheers for your comments Liz! Makes it look like I have friends! :-D

  3. Thank you sew much Emma! (did you see what I did there - sew/so)