Friday, 13 July 2012

To Everything - Turn, Turn, Turn

I have the Byrds version of Turn, Turn, Turn in my head today. 

To everything - turn, turn, turn
There is a season - turn, turn, turn
And a time for every purpose under heaven  

Ive been looking through baby pics and Ive got that sense of time having passed ridiculously (some might even say 'suspiciously') quickly.

I mean - where DOES it go??? This little fellow on my knee here....

Yep - this is the same little guy - only now he's my big boy rockstar son. Pictured here with his beautiful  girlfriend
And those two pictures were taken about 5 minutes apart.  What?? You dont believe me?  Well, ok.  You're probably right - but I'm telling you that it feels that way.

And this cheeky chappie...

Here he is two minutes later - practising his best crosseyed stare for the camera
 I'll be posting his wedding pics on here next week.  But seriously...
How can it be fair that all the precious times are gone so fast??  

Daddy hand and Baby hand
At least we can be assured that the bad stuff packs its bags and sods off just as sure as the good stuff is fleeting.  Its just that the bad stuff just seems to hang around for a bit longer... overstays it's welcome if you will.
My Mum and Me - the lederhosen were a punishment for not eating all my greens

I was contacted recently via Twitter by Tilly and Pearl who asked me if I would consider featuring them in a blog post.   And I wondered if they might do organic lederhosen - you know - in case Alex doesnt eat his greens and I need to pull out the big guns.... I didn't want to agree to anything until I'd seen their website - but I have to say that I think their organic clothing line is lovely and very reasonably priced compared to other organic baby clothing companies Ive come across.  
I especially like this little number - babies + stripes =  supercute
They dont do Lederhosen - I'd guess that  they were outlawed in line with child protection legislation sometime in the eighties.  BUT SERIOUSLY - HOW CUTE ARE THESE BADBOYS!
They also do a nice range of Nursery related artwork, gifts and toys - all from ethical brands.
I'm quite in love with this little fella and Elmer too.  I'm sure Alex wouldnt consider himself too old for either of those - and the Elmer would be good as part of a story sack...

I've had a lot of positive feedback via the blog lately and I'd just like to say how much it is appreciated and what a lift it gives me - especially as it comes from people who's work I appreciate and admire so much.  So - thankyou for your kind and lovely comments!  

I promise to get back to p(r)imping soon and stop being so mired in the past!

Bye bye for now!  XxshellxX

Thursday, 5 July 2012


What weve been up to in the last few weeks...
I met the naked chef ;

I p(r)imped a plain cushion

We made birthday cards - we have lots of birthdays in June

and filled them in...

we made presents

we made a mess

I got my haircut at a hair salon - for the first time in years.... (I normally do it myself EEEEK!)

We had my beautiful and amazing cousin over to stay with us - she is going back to Canada soon :(

I continued my drawing...