Monday, 30 April 2012

Holiday giveaway!!!

Hi Folks,

I come to you bearing gifts... Big, shiny, lovely gifts.  Actually when I say gifts plural I mean one gift... I come to you bearing gift... But its a good one.  In fact as gifts go.. its a doozy!  Is that a word?  My mum used to say it.  Come to think of it - that doesn't necessarily prove anything - My mum has been known to invent the odd word in her time..
"SKIP TO THE END!"  I hear you say.."Get back to the gift bit.. we dont need to know about the dictionary according to June!" (June is my mum's name ) "you can tell us about that later.."
Ok! Ok - the gift:  Its a holiday... No word of a lie.  A real, live, honest to goodness holiday.  
Its for four people staying in a caravan from Monday 7 May til Fri 11 May (the dates and location are non negotiable) - all you have to do is get yourself to Park Resorts  Withernsea in the good old East Riding of Yorkshire.

What do you have to do to attain for yourself this lovely shiny vacay?  You have to become a follower of my blog (if you arent already) and leave a comment on this post.   Existing followers - just leave a comment.   If you do these two simple things I will put your name into a hat from which I will draw the winner - its true - I actually have a hat set aside for this very purpose. 

I have got some more giveaways in the pipeline - Keep watching this space

So my lovely existing and new found blog friends... What are you waiting for?? Your deckchair is calling you......

Speak soon

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