Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Dinner Game

1. Don your Armour (in this case a blue bib)
Excited jumping is optional

2.Choose your weapons
choose any two of the above

3.Snake your way up the 'game board' from bottom left eating as you go
Hidden treasure covered on top row

 4.Eating 'unlocks' the hidden treasures at the top of the 'board'
from bottom left: cucumber, carrot, broccolli, cream cheese, farfalle pasta, chopped tomato, olives, feta cheese, banana, apple, marshmallow, chocolate
 5.The aftermath...
The pasta was replenished twice

I'm not a nutritionist so I'm not saying that this is how the tray should be layed out exactly.
I realise that there wasn't any meat and not an awful lot of carbs on there but he'd had rice crispies for breakfast, toast for 2nd breakfast and breadsticks for a mid morning snack.  He's making homemade salami pizza for tea... I'm not concerned.    I converted this from an idea I found here and I couldn't wait til monday.  The lady herself is called Michelle and what can I say... there's a pattern forming here: Awesomeness.  Just check Michelle Lorenzen's blog out as proof.  The author is my cousin and she's also called Michelle and she's cray awesome you guys.
Anyways.. gotta go lean against a wall and click ma fingers n be cool folks.
Later Daddio

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