Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Where its at. (Because I'm "Street" dont you know)

Its a little hectic around here at the moment as I'm trying to set up my own business (in childcare), set up a sideline project (see my new blog), make things to sell (see my new blog) and look for a job in the meantime.  Then somewhere along the line I need to make time for Alex.  So I apologise for the delay in between posts. 
So you get the gist... busy, busy, busy.

Its a funny old time of year at the moment:  not quite spring but not quite summer (doing quite a convincing 'Autumn on some days!)  and thats how I feel I am at the moment - in betweeny.  I'm just desperate to get moving forward properly with my life and have a clear direction again.  Well I suppose I do have a clear direction but I feel like i'm sitting at some temporary traffic lights - you know the ones - you end up sitting looking at a red light for what feels suspiciously like an extremely long time then you convince yourself that the lights are broke especially since there hasn't been any traffic coming from the opposite direction... what if their side is stuck on red aswell... What if (oh horror of horrors) both sides have been sitting and looking at a red light all along..... Then - just as you start to try and find a contact number for the local Highways department - it changes and you feel like a tit (just slightly).  Anyway ENOUGH of the analogies!!

Here are some pictures....
we did some hand and foot painting.  This meant we had to wash up in the sink...

We ate homemade meatballs with spaghetti....

Which necessitated more cleaning up.

My Kitchen is really coming together and I'm loving it in here more and more x
Not much else to report back at the moment.. so I'll take my leave of you.  Bye for now xx

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