Friday, 6 May 2011

My newest makes

An ex Ikea extendable child's bed bought for 2.50 and painted with leftover paint
I saw the above in our local charity shop for 2.50 (in pounds that is - there isn;t a pound sign on my keyboard???) and I thought that there must have been some mistake.  I, of course, snapped it up and high tailed it out of there before they had chance to change their mind.  When I first bought it it looked like this:
this pic makes it look like it was in good nick but it was quite beaten up
 It had quite a few knocks and some pen scribbles.  I knew that I'd end up painting it but I wasn't sure what colour.. My husband suggested using the beige that we had left from painting the mdf panelling in the living room.  I'd kind of been thinking along the same lines with the exception of using the leftover cupboard paint from the kitchen.. Then I thought: "why not use both" and this was the result - I spent the whole day sanding it down then started with the beige.. It took 2 days and 5 coats.  I'd forgotten that I'd had a horrendous time with the beige when I'd painted the panelling!  Its only saving grace is that it dries very quickly and you can apply another coat after half an hour.  Its a Dulux woodpaint.. needless to say - I wont be buying it again.  In contrast the grey went on like a dream - as it had in the kitchen - only, it took a further 48 hours before it was touch dry (thank god for those 4 day weekends, eh?)  Anyhoo - its done now... almost... I have one or two finishing touches in mind for it and I'll post updated pics when its done... 

I've also made this dresser:
I'd been keeping an eye out for a dresser top/shelving unit that would be small enough to fit on top of the kitchen radiator cabinet.  This was one that I found on Ebay but it didn't sell so I contacted the seller after the auction ended and offered them 20 quid (a fiver less than they were asking for).  They accepted.  I suppose that I could have drove a harder bargain but they were nice people and it was the nicest shelving unit I'd seen.  I'd done a bit of a deal and they got it taken off their hands without feeling like they'd been shafted... Everyone's a winner baby! 
It was a very dark wood originally.  I confess that I was so eager to get it spray painted that I didn't take a before picture.  Here's a closer pic:
 I was really pleased with the way it turned out - I've always wanted a dresser but with the way that the kitchen is laid out we didn't really have room for one in there.

I made Alex an Easter Bunny:
Sorry about picture quality - I still havent treated myself to a new camera yet...

 But the thing I'm all about at the moment is

Bunting... Bunting made from children's books.  I've made up three sets of this so far, two of which I've given away as gifts.  The nursery rhyme one above was intended as a gift but Alex is so taken with it that I've had to reconsider.  He just loves looking at it and reciting all the different rhymes.  I've bought lots of binding tape and lots of second hand (and in some cases vintage) children's books to make more.  I'm  hoping to sell it.  Which brings me to my big news... Ive set up another blog that is purely to showcase the handmade and vintage items that I'm going to be selling.  
It's called "Savvy Chic and Folklaw" (do you like what I did there??) Its my intention to mainly sell vintage clothing and homeware with a few handmade nicknacks thrown in.  I'm really nervous about selling the handmade stuff coz I always think "Is it good enough? Is it good enough??"  But if I dont try I wont know will I?.  Anyway I hope you'll follow the new blog as well as this one... check it out.. You might see something you fancy....
Bye for now. Shellxx


  1. Hi there, I just found your blog via Kazzy. I love the bed, what a bargain! You did so well painting it, it looks great. Your dresser is gorgeous too, I am rather partial to dressers. Your cottage looks very cute.

  2. Aw Wow, Romi! Thanks. I love Kazzy's blog. Its just plain beautiful - so I know you must have great taste! Xx