Monday, 2 May 2011

Easter and May Bank holiday

Well, its been a little while since I last posted on here and this is partly down to problematicos technicales.. I still haven't found a free way to blog from my ipad and seeing as blogging (or doing anything via the mac mini) requires lots of concentration - I only really do it when Alex is taking a nap.  Getting Alex to take a nap is not an exact science nowadays - sometimes he'll have 20 minutes, sometimes 2 hours and then other times nothing at all.  My getting to sit down and blog is a bit of a lottery at the moment.  But I'm here now and that's the main thing...
These last few weeks have been glorious and I've really enjoyed being able to spend plenty of time with my husband and littlest boy over the bank holiday weekends. 
My eldest boy is currently in on holiday in Portugal and despite the fact that we hardly see him when he's 'home' I'm still missing him terribly.  It was his 18th birthday a couple of weeks back and I have no idea where the time has gone.
We have spent some of our bank holidays exploring the woodlands that surround our village.  We've set off on a couple of occasions with no particular plan - just going wherever our whimsy directs us - I love exploring this way as we seem to stumble on so many little places that we would have no idea existed if we planned out our routes more.  I must take some pictures of the ruined building that lies at the far edge of Windy Bank Wood.  There is a very interesting subterranean room in it complete with bars on the underground window(??)
This Easter has seen Alex at his most entertaining as his personality is starting to blossom evermore each day and he constantly amazes us with his little outbursts and what appears to be an uproarious sense of humour.
I've been feeling terribly creative of late and I've completed several little projects in the last couple of weeks which I'll list in a future post.  I'm thinking of getting a little stall at a craft or vintage fair and seeing if I can make a few bob.. I think it would give me a great sense of achievement and since money is too tight to mention around here at the moment - it may also provide a welcome influx of funds. 
I'll sign off for now and get some shut eye - it is a school night after all..

Night all, sleep tight and sweet dreams x

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  1. I should apologise for picture quality - I still havent gotten a new camera yet so I'm relying on my phone...