Saturday, 5 February 2011

Bye Baby Bunting and Happy Birthday to me!

It was my birthday at the beginning of February and I had a lovely day that struck the right balance between being relaxing, celebratory and productive.

Firstly, I sat down at my sewing machine the night before and, on a whim, made this bunting for my kitchen..

(yes it is 'rustic' to say the least but I just did it off bat - no pattern or anything - using a strip cut off an old bedsheet for the cord)

I hung it that night (about 1.00am) and went to bed to dream about birthday pressies.

I must say that I'm rather pleased with it. And it put me in a lovely party mood when it greeted me the next morning. And so - to celebrate - I made myself a birthday cake...

This is it in all its naked glory... I often get that sticky up bit in the middle when I bake a cake and I have no idea why.. Please let me know where I'm going wrong if you know why...

I didnt have much in to decorate it with so I stuck with buttercream and buttons and actually I think that its a cake that suits me quite well - a little flabby in some areas but actually rather sweet..

(I must apologise for picture quality.. this one was taken with my phone as I'd misplaced my camera at the time. I knew that if I didn't capture it on film as soon as I'd finished decorating it - there wouldn't have been a cake left to photograph)

Wonky? Maybe. Basic? Most certainly but extremely edible nonetheless.

Tata for now peeps xx

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