Thursday, 27 January 2011

Some Crafty stuff

I've been feeling very crafty lately. I got my old sewing machine up and running and so I've been trying to learn how to sew. My machine is 106 years old and is a Jones Treadle model.

I found an online 'how to' illustrating how to make quilted coasters and here is the result. I used sponge cleaning cloths for inners.
Yes - I know that they're a bit wonky but it is my first proper attempt at sewing. And anyway - I'm determined that I'm going to publish all of my homemaking escapades - good and bad. I'm going to do some more for the kitchen along with some place mats and a trivet/heat pad. Hopefully by then I'll be able to make some for friends as little presents... I'm going to make myself some bunting for both kitchen and living room and probably anywhere else I can get away with it. I've got a vision in my minds eye of what I want and I'll post the results at some point in the not too distant future....

I've also been doing a lot of baking in recent months. Alex (my baby boy) loves to help out. We spent about 20 mins stirring some cake mix yesterday as he was so taken with the whisk. Needless to say - the fairy cakes we made were lighter than air. In fact we made about 30 and they've all floated away now! I took this pic first thing this morning whilst there were still some cakes to take a picture of!
As you can see there had already been a considerable number of casualties at this point.. I'm not complaining though - its so rare for my teenage son to actually consume the things that I cook - I wasn't about to stop him! He cant be held solely responsible.. My husband is famed for his hearty appetite.

Whilst in baking mode I've been experimenting with baking my own bread - from bread mix that is. I'll get down with the bread mix first before I start freestyling. Anyway the following was another glorious thing that Alex and I created yesterday. I had to take a picture because I thought it was hilarious... It was a beautiful little horseshoe when I put it into the oven... but when it came out................
Buttbread. Pimply, wrinkly Buttbread. You may be surprised to hear that Buttbread has also been completely consumed - it actually tasted really nice. Probably my best attempt so far (taste wise)


  1. You didn't tell me you could make buttbread. You might have won my ugly bread contest.

  2. I can't think of anything more theoretically beautiful than an ugly bread contest. Ugly bread makes us reach further (past the ugly bread to the cute bread). You should be commended for bringing ugly bread to the attention of the world's public. I hope you get the recognition you deserve and that one day Saint Sir duke of Bob Geldof will shake your hand and shout Irish words at you in an overly emotional but vaguely impotent way. Btw I like to play down my buttbread baking skills when I meet people at first. It overwhelms and intimidates them by the very nature of it's greatness. ;^}