Friday, 17 August 2012

How do you get to Wales in a Mini?

So now I'm back  -  from out of space.  You just walked in to find me here - that sorry look upon my face.  (actually I cant help that - I'm sort of stuck with it: an extremely charming and, it goes without saying, tactful chap once asked me why I looked so gawpy)

Artist's Impression of my gawpy face...

Good old Gloria.  Gaynor that is.  We're back to rehearsing music together (my husband and I - not me and Gloria - we fell out over a toffee crisp and I've never seen her in the same light since) and I'd quite like to cover Gloria in an acoustic stylee.  I think it might be both amusing and a bit of a crowd pleaser too.

Here is a veeeeery rough recording of he and I doing 'Aint No Sunshine' not sure if this link will work:  If it does work - here are the excuses.... I was coming down with a nasty cold and was rushing the recording in order to catch up on housework - hence the timing being slightly off and my changing of the lyrics to "Aidt doe Sudshide wed shes God"

Well, well, well... what have we been up to.... shockingly little in the way of house p(r)imping.  But in our defence we've experienced about 2.5 hours of sunshine (or should I say 'sudshide' ahem *wink*)

My little Golden Boy

and its gone to our heads!

That and the Olympics.  What a shocker! Who'd have thunk it'd be that good folks?? I laughed and I cried and I stood in my living room screaming like a possessed cat lady and ran along with Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis and the like.  It was amazing.  I cant wait til the Paralympics cause I was so much more excited about that in the first place.  My dad was an amputee and something amazing happened when he lost his legs - he grew in stature and presence.  Rather than becoming less of a man - he became more of one.  And let me tell you folks - he was a pretty amazing guy to begin with.

We've also been doing a fair bit of gallivanting too:-
we went to Cannon Hall Farm and milked a cow...

We went to Yummy Yorkshire Ice Cream and watched a Falconry display

We went to my favourite place on the face of the earth - Wales...

And spent quality time paddling..

And... when we couldnt simply jet off to the furthest reaches of galactic West Yorkshire and Interstellar Wales...
We walked around the back of the house and spent more quality time paddling...

And foraging for the precious treasure that is..... river pebbles.  And what do you do with priceless river pebbles that your little boy has spent his afternoon foraging and cannot bear to part with?  That's right.  The only thing you can do.  You turn them into sugar skull paperweights of course.  Was there ever any doubt....

Well thats all until next time folks ..... XxshellxX

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  1. You are so much like another Michelle that I know... :D