Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mothers Day...on a budget!

So, yes,  I've been away for awhile and now I'm back yet again.  Just like the proverbial bad penny. 
I was offered a full time job in June last year and was unable to turn down the money so  I went back to full time work and learnt how to screenprint - which was nice.  Obvs I'm not some kind of Jedi Screen print Master yet but I can print two colours and adhesive and I loved every minute of it.  I did learn about screen printing at college when I was doing my graphics course but that was... well lets just say that it was awhile back.
Anyway I'm back on the scrapheap now and one of the upshots of that is that I can resume blogging! Yey!  I've missed the blogging community and being able to publish (even if noone reads it) and more importantly - catching up on my favourite blogs is something that I'm looking forward to now!

Anyhoo - its mother's day coming up in the UK and I'm seriously skint - I'm talking zero pounds zero pence - so I'm going to have to be creative.  Fortunately making something out of nothing is one thing that I'm good at - just ask my husband - he's always telling me that I'm making something out of nothing!  BOOM BOOM!... Ahem...

So here is what I'm thinking I could do....
  1. bake
  2. pick flowers
  3. make mummy things  
 And I'm probably gonna do a combination of all three... here are some of the kind of things I'm thinking of..  
Sew up a cushion cover or cupboard door hanger

bake cookies and put them in a nice box/jar
A nice homemade cake...
pick a bunch of flowers from my garden

here are some pics of My Mum:
isn't she lovely.   What are you doing for Mother's day this year?  Something nice I hope.
Tata for now xx

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  1.'re making me tear up just looking at the pictures of aunty June..I love your mom...hearing her voice was like hearing mom's voice again & her gestures & expressions are exactly the same as my mom's...I need to come back to England & see my aunties again soon..& all my cousins.. : )