Wednesday, 9 March 2011

An ongoing saga... bathroom continued

Here are the results so far in the bathroom or the room off the bathroom - its a strange little configuration....
I painted the walls black. Yes folks I did say black. And when I'd just finished painting I looked at it and I thought: " have I just gone completely mad? Have I??"
I just couldn't decide if it was completely mental or total genius... I do think it will probably divide people's opinions but once I'd gotten my mirror and candle sconces on the wall I was totally in love with it..

Ive spruced up the candle sconces - they were a gold pair that I'd had in my old house in the living room. I painted them white with an almost dry brush so that some of the gold would still come through and I nicked some of the crystal drops from the chandelier that is just visible in picture one. I used these on the sconces and the mirror. Same mirror that was black in my last post.

And finally:- the line between the old and the new... All woodwork is going to be done in brilliant white and tiles are going to be mainly brilliant white with a black border..

To be continued.....


  1. I might actually completely copy you. My powder room is currently a noxious shade of oatmeal. The people who lived in this house were all about oatmeal & paste and little splashes of dull eggplant.

  2. Oh.. and my bedroom is cardboard box colored. Nice choice, people who lived here.

  3. Hey thanks! And feel free. Because a) I really don't mind and b) there is no way i could do anything about it anyway.
    Would that be corrugated cardboard colour or the ordinary kind? They might look the same but cardboard coloured paint aficionados would be able to spot the difference at twenty paces. One is very 'in' in cardboard circles but the other is cardboard social scene suicide.
    Actually I'm glad I've done it toward the end of our house revamp because now I'm used to it - I love it so much we might have ended up with a black kitchen.. Black living room.. Black nursery...

  4. I really like it! I have a small bathroom and was thinking of painting it dark too. This really wroks in your bathroom, I love it.
    I read in your other post that your son is eighteen. In your profile pic you don't look old enough!

  5. Thanks! Its strange how the dark colour works in such a small place! And as far as not looking old enough goes... It is a flattering photo. Oh and there was the whole pact with the devil thing... Joking!! I was a teenage mum (18) and first thing in the morning or in bright light I DO look old enough and then some!